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Luck White releases video for new single ‘Made Of Love’

In advance of his forthcoming debut album, *Luke White* releases the single ‘*Made Of Love*’. Already featured on Q Radio’s ‘New To Q’ show, the jagged guitars, ethereal chorus and layered production of ‘*Made Of Love*’ mark *Luke White* out as an exceptionally talented young singer-songwriter….

Criolo releases ‘No Na Orelha’

Brazilian hip hop artist *Criolo* is about to touch down to London with his debut show on 30 June at *Back2Black Festival* and the album *No Na Orelha *is released internationally through *Sterns Records* on July 2nd.

*No Na Orelha* is a gritty and tender tribute to his hometown of Sao Paulo…

In All Seriousness: Dementia and Music // Issue #2

*John Colledge* plays an open A, and then mutes the note. He makes a move to pluck the guitar string for a second time, but pauses. “Come on!” he snarls under muttered breath, in an attempt to make himself play the famous F1 bass line, to will his brain to engage, as if he’s pleading to remember….