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Aesop Rock Skelthon Review

It’s a tough position to be in, critiquing a piece of art that appears way above your head. It’s challenging to take in such a piece of work, from multiple angles, perspectives even, and still come away from it with little understanding of why it is that you appreciate it. You just do. Such is the case for [...]

Foster Care and Pampers Tour Dates announced!

*Foster Care*: The name alone conjures images of screaming brats, covered-up systematic abuse, and future employees of the state penitentiary. The music itself crashes your party, steals your beer, then steals your girlfriend, kicks a hole in the wall, and then careens back out into the night,…

Classical Rock Pioneers Renaissance Releasing 2 CD

World-renowned Progressive Rock veterans *Renaissance* usher in the latest chapter in their long and illustrious history. Lead vocalist/lyricist *Annie Haslam* and guitarist/composer *Michael Dunford* have introduced their fans to a new, revitalized* Renaissance* that looks forward to the…

The Smashing Pumpkins to Reissue 1994 Album Pisces Iscariot

EMI Music’s extensive reissue campaign honoring the legacy of * The Smashing Pumpkins* continues July 17th in North America and July 16th internationally. That’s when the iconic alternative band’s third album *Pisces Iscariot* – 1994’s platinum-certified disc that reached #4 on the Billboard Top…