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The Orwells :: Remember When (The AD Review)

You almost don’t want to believe it, it seems so perfect. Five kids from suburban Chicago, wrapped in scuffed-up jeans, writing punk songs about going to the mall, dedicating their work to the girls who work at the go-kart stand, right-out rejecting …

Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce” Video

For a little while now, Tom Waits has been sending out cryptic email missives hyping something that was coming today. Plenty were hoping for a tour announcement, but nope: It’s a new music video for the spittle-flecked, Keith Richards-assisted rant-stomp “Hell Broke Luce,” one of the more unhinged songs from last year’s Bad As Me [...]

Thee Oh Sees: "Flood’s New Light"

Fourteen albums into their discography, each new Thee Oh Sees album is somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes a new LP means acid-baked vocals and weirdo psych rock (Castlemania). Maybe it means quiet ballads (Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion) or driving krautro…

Watch Tom Waits’ Video for "Hell Broke Luce"

On July 31, Tom Waits posted to his website a very strange image of himself dressed as a pirate, with the note: “Coming August 7.” Following two additional cryptic clues– “I Breathe Better Underwater” and “Never Bring a Gun to a Spoonfight”– he’s …