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Comment on The Reality of the New Music Business by Brian Lewis

"You know, the funny thing is a huge marketable amount of kids now days still gravitate to 60’s and 70’s rock music, prefer it and yearn for more."

This maybe what seems to be the case, but try monetizing it. I just released a new live CD of one of Australia's greatest 60s and 70s bands, classic rock, soul and R&B, Max Merritt and The Meteors, we recorded in 1969 and released in April. So we have it globally available thru every digital outlet for the kids and produced some CDs for the grownups. It is all anemic, we did not have a huge promo budget, but if you enter "Max Merritt Been Away Too Long" into Google, there are 800+ references/links etc, and I did not spend 1¢ on Google advertising. There may be a long bake period with the album, so by Christmas I will have an opinion one way or the other of what appears to be worthwhile in this new age of the music business. More of a labor of love than a big label release, there are things I can do and experiment with on a small budget and quickly measure the results that the big labels can't do. I can even collect fans on internet radio but have yet to find any way to monetize that, probably becasue anyone who subscribes to internet radio has probably left the old physically owning music world behind already before they became fans.