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CYMBALS Makes SF Debut With High Energy Set at Rickshaw Stop

Wednesday night we were treated to, UK based, CYMBALS’ first ever stop in SF at RickShaw Stop. While the crowd may have been a bit hesitant, as the Wednesday crowd often is, vocalist and guitarist Jack Cleverly looked to get the crowd going early by immediately hoping off the stage and preforming the beginning of “The End” Read More

How to survive in the world of club music, with all its niches +…

How to survive in the world of club music, with all its niches + subcultures & its trends changing so rapidly? Go underground, the avant-garde way? Go mad & stop making music all together? Jump ship constantly? Or try to make something more universal + timeless? For their 3rd full-length release, Belgian dance act The Subs decided to make a pop album with heartfelt soul, filmic French retrofuturism & crisp beats. Hologram is an album that displays many moods + styles & sees The Subs working together with both renowned international vocalists & underground singers + rappers: Colonel Abrams, Selah Sue, Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Jay Brown & Danny Greene.

After touring around the world for 5 years with 2 albums under their belt, in 2012, songwriter/frontman Jeroen De Pessemier aka David Newtron moved to London to write the new album, absorbing new musical influences. Wiebe Loccufier aka DJ Tonic started producing beats & evolved from DJ into producer. Finally, by recruiting Hadrien Lavogez, The Subs got themselves a genuine multi-instrumentalist with an incredible knack for melody. This whole new dynamic pushed The Subs towards a more pop-based sound for Hologram. Hologram is an album on which The Subs explore both a playfulness & a vulnerability that is new to them. This album is still brimming with energy, but the dark dance-punk of the previous record has been traded for a much more soulful vibe.

“Cling to Love” is the new single taken from the upcoming LP: when the going gets tough, we have to hold on, hold on to what is dear, we have to cling to love. That is the message of this organic + bright electronic pop song with sparkling synths & enchanting vocals from Jay Brown (Sister of VV Brown).

The full release features an array of incredible remixes by the legendary Fake Blood, Blende, Turbo Recordings own Joefarr & last but not least Londoner Aggborough.

The Cling to Love EP is out now on iTunes. Stream Hologram to its entirety now on Soundcloud.

Cling To Love (Aggborough remix) ✞ free download