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Sam Roberts Band partnered with Andrew Weatherall & Young…

Sam Roberts Band partnered with Andrew Weatherall & Young Galaxy for a limited edition Record Store Day 12” release out this Saturday 4/19. The 12” – cut on crystal clear vinyl – is limited to 600 worldwide, & features the group’s 2 singles from Lo-Fantasy, “We’re All In This Together” + “Shapeshifters,” remixed by Young Galaxy & Andrew Weatherall.

Throwing Copper Turns 20

The ’90s was a strange and wonderful time when lighters-up power ballads could contain lyrics like “Her placenta falls to the floor.” That kind of thing was almost mandatory, actually. Even the blandest bands were expected to be unrepentantly weird. Into that era strode Live, an ambitious bunch of art-bros from the alleged “Shit Towne” [...]

High Magic – “The Ghost of Evermore”

High Magic have a very striking sound that sits in post-punk territory, but with an enjoyable emphasis on hard-rock as well. The vocals are unique – much like Nick Cave, Scott Walker, or Future Islands’ Samuel Herring – in that their deep quiver and melodic idiosyncrasies contribute immensely to their unique, rock-solid style. “The Ghost of Evermore” […]

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Woods – With Light and With Love

Willie Schube chooses light over dark The consistent excellence of Woods is by nature, both surprising and not. Why wouldn’t a band that turns out great record after great record be capable of doing exactly that again? While law of averages would suggest otherwise, such a law would also suggest that a band capable of… Continue reading »

Jamie xx – “Girl”

Every month or so, James Blake shows up on BBC Radio 1 to host his Residency show, where he debuts new songs and remixes and does some interviews and talks a lot. Last month, he played “Bloke,” which he said was a new track from the mysterious “Simon Tallywhacker,” an artist who had no internet [...]