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70000TONS OF METAL Announce All-Star Jam Hosted By Jeff Waters

6kIwr3Nq9dHVgpEe9KJN9zThe holidays are around the corner, and the folks at *70000TONS OF METAL* have revealed a special present!

So here it is: *Canadian Guitar Mastermind Jeff Waters* will host “*JAMMING WITH WATERS IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS*”, the official *70000TONS OF METAL* All-Star Jam! And…

Bullet For My Valentine announce first single from their new album

Welsh rock band *Bullet For My Valentine* will release the first official single from their forthcoming album *TEMPER TEMPER*, entitled “*RIOT*,” on 2nd February. The band’s fourth studio album *TEMPER TEMPER* will follow on 11th February.

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Video: Roc Marciano – 76

Shot and edited by Jason Goldwatch on 8mm film. Previously: Roc Marciano – 76 (Trailer) | Roc Marciano & Jason Rose – Arkansas Toothpick (Video)

Troy Ave & Mac Miller – Chillin’

Talk about an odd couple. Look out for the White Christmas tape from Troy and DJ Holiday to drop on Christmas Day. Previously: Troy Ave – C.R.E.A.M. Freestyle | Mac Miller – Doodling In The Key of C Sharp

She & Him – “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Video

Zooey Deschanel came in at No. 7 on the list of Your Top 20 Indie Rock Crushes Of 2012, probably the most hotly debated of any Gummy Awards category this year. And based on the comments I read, Deschanel was the most divisive figure on that list. I guess I can see why: She’s got [...]