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The Ageless Mind of Mystikal

I caught Mystikal six months ago at the Varsity in Baton Rouge and at 42 years old, he might still be best performer in rap. We spoke for a while outside of the club for my Boosie article and most of the interview is unintelligible. I can’t tell if I have a mediocre tape recorder… Continue reading »

Farewell Republic – “Lines” (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn’s Farewell Republic debuted this year with their Burn The Boats LP, drawing inspiration from ’90s dream-pop and shoegazer but for detours into terrain more aggressive, and vocals more upfront and neatly intervallic (and nearly post-hardcore). Not a year’s passed and they’re ready with another self-produced full-length, Young Effete Titans of Industry. That’s a rapid [...]

Mountains – “Living Lens”

Drone duo Mountains will release their new album Centralia next month, and the first song we’ve heard from it is “Living Lens,” a gooey and comforting track that implies melody without ever quite giving into it. Listen to it below. Centralia is out 1/22 on Thrill Jockey.

Boys Noize at the Fox Theater Oakland [Win Tickets]

Boys Noize is not your typical DJ. There’s a “byte” (har har) to his computerized style that isn’t crushing like Skrillex or smooth like Daft Punk. No, Boys Noize is like “porn for robots” as one Youtube commenter exclaimed. On tour supporting his latest album, Out of the Black, he’s scheduled to perform at the Fox Theater on the [...]