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Gold Fields – Dark Again (Diamond Rings Remix)

There’s too much savory synth-pop wafting over from the land of Oz these days to even keep straight. It feels like indie dance music in Australia is burgeoning into a cottage industry akin to late 90s French filter house. Hi-NRG synth leads, kinetic disco drumming and waves of delay-drenched guitar are the order of the [...]

Klak Tik release new album The Servants on March 4th 2013

Locking yourself away in a Chapel on the rugged coastline of the Irish Sea to record an album is probably near enough any musician’s dream, as it was for East London’s (via Denmark, New Zealand and Windsor) *Klak Tik*. To follow their (9/10 NME rated) debut album *Must We Find A Winner* the band…

Marching Band releases new EP And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That

One of our favorite bands on Knox Road (and of the Swedish-variety, which is always a major plus), Marching Band, has returned with their latest EP, And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That. There are some groups whose material I will not hesitate to post when it comes our way, and Marching [...]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds announce a series of very special events

*Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds* have announced a series of very special events to mark the forthcoming release of their fifteenth studio album *Push the Sky Away* out 19th February on *Bad Seed Ltd.*
*Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds* will be presenting their new…