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Mo Kolours, Less Problems

Evan Nabavian is back from the dead like he was on house arrest. Take all the hi-hats, synths, vocoders, 808s, theremins, and copies of MTV Music Generator and put them away for just a second. Now breathe. Wasn’t that nice? The irony here is that I just spent two weeks without electricity waiting to turn… Continue reading »

For Those About to Download….

This week Apple and Colombia announced the arrival of another big digital holdout to the iTunes Store: AC/DC.  Having grown up listening to AC/DC and playing Angus Young riffs such as the seminal ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ in my high school … Continue reading

Left Here Alone, EP coming soon from Edmonton’s Faunts

Over the course of two full-length albums, a remix collection, and an EP, Canadian band*Faunts* have tirelessly and imaginatively crafted their unique sound: hazy sprawl refashioned into pulsing synths; ambient noise transformed into vocal-oriented sublimity. *Faunts* have long outgrown…

The Sun’s About To Explode

Andy Stott “Hatch the Plan” There’s basically three major elements to this composition: Vocals that approximate the shape and tone of pop music but get layered into a lovely abstraction not unlike what you’d get on one of A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s records, the eerie hum of empty space, and a warm bass pulse [...]