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Watch Five Classic Scott Walker Clips

With Found Footage, we dig through the depths of archival video online. From live clips to interviews and music videos, we uncover the best visual documents floating around the web. In honor of this week’s release of Scott Walker’s Bish Bosch, we …

The Clash’s 10 Best Songs

In the final analysis, the first wave of British punk rock left us with a brief, fractious cacophony. The Sex Pistols imploded quickly and with a famously ferocious violence. Sham-69 and X-Ray Spex were awesome, short-lived standard bearers for as long as their incandescent intensity would carry them. No one seemed, at least from lip [...]

Lewis Watson announces headline UK and Ireland tour

*Lewis Watson* has announced he will be embarking on a headline tour of the UK and Ireland in 2013.

After a phenomenal year in which his self-released debut EP *It’s Got 4 Sad Songs On It btw* topped the iTunes singer-songwriter chart on the first day of release and the follow-up *Another Four…


Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to a website called Miss Moss. Its subhead calls the blog a “compendium of radness,” and indeed it is. While I’m not very into the sections on art and fashion, the blog’s founder, Diana, is a bit of a playlist-ologist. I’ve spent hours browsing through [...]