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Das Racist Break Up

Over the weekend, the New York rap group Das Racist, in a messy and roundabout sort of way, announced that they were no longer a group. This is a shame! Das Racist were really good and important in some sneaky ways, and we need to talk about all of that. But first, here’s the breakup [...]

Reloaded but Not Rehashed: The Return of Roc Marciano

Craig Jenkins delivers like an 80-lb. baby. You’ve probably read a heap of prose glowingly anointing Roc Marciano’s Reloaded as one of 2012’s best hip-hop releases (true) but quietly intimating that this was achieved in part by Roc adhering to a style and standard of rap whose last hurrah on terrestrial radio was 1997 (not… Continue reading »

The New Division – Pride

If the New Division‘s name calls to mind the two bands whose thick reverb, quick rhythms, and affective vocals ruled new wave in the late 70s and 80s — Joy Division and its progeny New Order — that’s no mistake. The L.A. four-piece borrows heavily from this pair of giants, but strains those iconic sounds [...]