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Uncut‘s 75 Best Albums Of 2012

Along with Mojo, Uncut is the British magazine most concerned with all these old and crusty and blues-influenced. And even compared to Mojo‘s kinda-musty year-end list, Uncut has given a ton of love to the senior citizens still out there and making substantive music. Uncut‘s year-end list, part of the year-end issue that’s now out, [...]

Devendra Banhart Announces New Album

Photo by Ana Kras Next year finally marks the return of Devendra Banhart, who’s been relatively quiet since 2009′s What Will We Be. He’ll release a new album called Mala, and though there’s not a specific release date just yet, it’ll be release…

Das Racist Break Up

Over the weekend, the New York rap group Das Racist, in a messy and roundabout sort of way, announced that they were no longer a group. This is a shame! Das Racist were really good and important in some sneaky ways, and we need to talk about all of that. But first, here’s the breakup [...]