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Comment on The Reality of the New Music Business by emmelle

I've seen this first hand with my musician friends. We were all "music business majors" in college in the early 90's and now almost all of us have had to move on to other careers due to the changing nature of music and the lack of money to be made. One band trying to make it has had several songs licensed on shows, most notably on a show on MTV. They got nothing for it as the show seemed to think the exposure was worth more than money and if their band didn't want to do it for free, there were a 100 more bands that would. So, they licensed it for free. And yeah, it was cool to announce on Facebook that they had a song on MTV but it didn't pay the bills. Sad and shameful that an established network like MTV (that built it's reputation and fortune on music) is now in the business of screwing bands. Even $500 to a struggling band in LA would have gone a long way. I'm sad for the future of music. I know so many talented singer/songwriters who are struggling to make ends meet and I have no doubts that they would have "made it" long ago if we were in a different climate.