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Stream The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack

The amazing-looking new kung-fu movie The Man With The Iron Fists, which also serves as the directorial debut of the Wu-Tang abbot RZA, doesn’t hit theaters until early next month. But next week, the movie’s soundtrack album will hit stores. RZA put together the LP, which includes its share of superstars — Kanye West, the [...]

The Modern Ethio-Jazz of Samuel Yirga

Matt Shea is a maestro on the begena Listening to a new jazz artist can be a total chore. The genre’s stylistic purview is so wide that somebody handing you music and telling you to check it out is a sure fire way for said music to end up under the bed or, these days,… Continue reading »

The Weeknd – “Wicked Games” Video

The Weeknd’s mixtape collection Trilogy is coming out next month, and now we’ve got a video for the remastered version of the House Of Balloons track “Wicked Games” — a smoothed-out version of the song that’s somehow less impactful than the one that appeared on the mixtape. The video is a meditative, minimal affair, and [...]

Local Natives play three new songs live

Finally we’re getting to hear some of the new songs from Local Natives’ upcoming album Hummingbird. Last night they played their first show of 2012 and debuted the songs ”Ceilings,” “Heavy Feet,” and “Columbia.” I can’…