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Angel Haze: "New York"

How many internet-bred artists have garnered credit on personality over performance? It’s a broad question but one that the 20-year-old rapper Angel Haze seems to turn on its head and crush. On “New York”, produced by the 83rd for her forthcoming R…

Black Bananas – “Foxy Playground” Video

Black Bananas’ new video for “Foxy Playground” follows lead singer Jennifer Herrema on a lone desert voyage tracked by a single 8MM shot. In the video notes, Black Bananas claim that the clip is “Based on real life experience in cryptical accordance to The Patchwork Girl of OZ,” referring to the Frank L. Baum film. [...]

GIVERS – Ceiling of Plankton

GIVERS have released a video for their latest In Light single, “Ceiling of Plankton”. While this is certainly the most uplifting song on the record, the video begins in a different light, focusing on the plight of two frustrated workers. It’s not until the duo downs a bright-colored potion that they start losing themselves in [...]