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WATCH | Syntax + Liggy (L.I.F.E. Long) + Elohemstar – ‘Dark’

New York City music imprint cocoonmovements presents *’Dark,’* the first leak off the *Caterpillar Steps* compilation album. The single features the Cocoon’s caterpillars* Syntax (*,*…

CMJ Releases Statement On Ebola

Yesterday, we learned the troubling news that Dr. Craig Spencer, the first New York resident to test positive for Ebola, had been out on Wednesday night at the Gutter, a Williamsburg bowling alley that had been hosting unofficial CMJ events. The coming shows at the Gutter were all canceled, with good reason. But the people [...]

Led Zeppelin – “Rock And Roll” Video

I love Led Zeppelin, but I’d say there’s a good third of their catalog that I can’t hear anymore. I don’t mean I don’t want to listen to it; I mean I cannot hear it — I’ve heard it so much that it’s just white noise, like the sounds of midtown traffic outside Stereogum’s offices. [...]