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The Purists: May Roc Marciano Never Change

Have you ever been really really high and looked into your wallet, pulled out a dollar bill and Roc Marciano started speaking to you? He tells you to fuck what the Bible says and hustle until your final days. Vinyls play while you are crowned with pineapple haze accolades. You start wondering  whether its a… Continue reading »

Apocalypse Whenever: Tame Impala Abide

We attempt creativity but often wind up re-telling the same stories with similar nouns and adjectives. So we get song titles like “Apocalypse Dreams,” the new track from Tame Impala that sounds like it was named after a 70s horror re-make spied during a late night bong rip binge watching the Sci-Fi network. The movie… Continue reading »

The Soft Pack announce new album ‘Strapped’.

*The Soft Pack* are back with Strapped, which will be released 1st October 2012 on Mexican Summer. It’s an adventurous album that finds the Los Angeles-based foursome breaking with expectations and exploring the possibilities of how they can push their sound. In making it, the group took to…