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Watch Ty Segall Absolutely Destroy On Conan, Playing New Song “Feel”

Later this month, Ty Segall will give the world the sparkling, psychedelic, absolutely kickass new album Manipulator and we’ve only heard the studio version of one of its songs, the fiery “Susie Thumb.” Last night, Segall was the musical guest on Conan, where he (and his backing band, which includes Mikal Cronin) debuted another album [...]

Review: Beacons Festival 2014 [Live]

Skipton’s Beacons Festival this year was packed with exciting new talent, serial innovators, a wide range of thought-provoking art projects, world-renowned DJs and food vendors from all over the globe. Despite all this, my overriding (and possibly favourite) memory is witnessing the campsite’s…

The Juan Maclean – “A Simple Design”

DFA OG John MacLean — AKA the Juan MacLean — will be back with another LP of expertly assembled dance music next month. The album, entitled In A Dream, once again features LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang on vocals; she’s been a full-time Juan MacLean member for several years, but she’s out at the forefront now, [...]