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Animal Collective – “Applesauce” Video

In making their video for the frantic Centipede Hz track “Applesauce,” Animal Collective enlisted Gaspar Noé, the filmmaker behind the fucked-up movies Irreversible and Enter The Void (as well as Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ recent “We No Who U R” video). The whole video is just a close-up on a woman’s lips as [...]

Watch The Flaming Lips’ Hyundai Commercial

Not to sound like a square, but there’s something about Wayne Coyne — especially his prowess for hanging out with “Brush My Teeth With A Bottle Of Jack” Ke$ha and overexposing Erykah Badu’s sister without permission — that screams Don’t Let Kids Hang Out With The Flaming Lips. And yet, in this Hyundai commercial, running [...]

[video] Grizzly Bear: “Gun Shy”

A quick warning before we get started: if you’re the kind of person who’s extremely squeamish about biological stuff (blood, eyeballs), you might want to give this one a pass. It’s not too bad at all, but I figured you deserve some wa…