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Video: Meek Mill Speaks On Battle Rapping

Meek Mill chops it up with Shaheem Reid about battle rap and his desire to jump back in the ring. He also says he would like to see Cassidy and Murda Mook battle each other.
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Watch Kanye West’s Cruel Winter Trailer (Feat. George Bush, Sr.)

Kanye West made a short film called Cruel Summer — he also built a pyramid for the occasion, cuz he’s Kanye — which served as a precursor to the eventual G.O.O.D. Music compilation record of the same name. Now, Kanye’s posted a short trailer to a new short called Cruel Winter which features a snippet [...]

Watch How to destroy angels_ Perform “Keep it together”

We first heard “Keep it together” from Trent Reznor and wife Mariqueen Maandig’s How to destroy angels_ last month, and now the band has released a performance video for the track. Honestly, as performances go, it’s not exactly, like, Trash Talk or something. It’s three virtually motionless people in near-total darkness: two dudes in black [...]