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Video: Action Bronson – Live in San Francisco

@DJCombsy drops off some more footage of Bronson’s show in San Francisco last weekend. In this clip he does “Brunch”, “Gateway to Wizardry” and “Bird On A Wire”.
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Video: Surprise Kanye West Appearance at TNGHT Show

Durnig the TNGHT show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg last night, Kanye made an impromptu appearance on stage as the duo performed a remix of “Cold”. He doesn’t rap or anything, he kinda just comes out and does some rapper gestures, the crowd goes nuts and he disappears. Look for the action at the [...]

Video: Pusha T Talks My Name Is My Name

Speaking to HipHopSince1987, Pusha speaks on the title of his new solo LP and his Wrath of Cain mixtape and the meaning behind them, PLay Cloths, the importance of social media to new artists, producers who will be contributing to the LP and more.