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Video: Uncle Murda on His Name, Mariah Collab, New Mixtape

Murda continues his talk with Jack Thriller and talks about how he got his name, working with Mariah and his upcoming mixtape, The First 48. Previously: Uncle Murda ft. Diddy Bop – No Worries Freestyle (In Studio) | The Time Uncle Murda Stole Jack Thriller’s Date

Zemaria – Past 2

If you’re a FIFA ’13-obsessed, headset-adorning gamer, you’ve likely heard this song one of the many nights you’ve spent twiddling your controller into the wee hours, talking smack to 3rd graders in Korea. For those unfamiliar, this is how they do “chillwave” in Brazil: dreamy, bouncy, tropical electro-pop. Zemaria are relatively unknown at the moment, as [...]

Twin Shadow – “The Ones” Video

This summer, Twin Shadow released the very good sophomore album Confess. And today, they’ve released a digital single of the album track “The Ones” — not the version from the album, but a lovely acoustic rendition that frontman George Lewis Jr. played during a recent KCRW session. Lewis also made a shaky, cobbled-together montage of [...]

Watch the Duck – Poppin’ Off

If you believe in cinemagraphic truisms of the Hollywood gospel—and who doesn’t—you know that before a hero can take on a trying physical endeavor, he must learn the true meaning behind a mentor figure’s cryptic mantra and channel it into something like enlightenment. At least, this is the only explanation I can muster for how [...]