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Telepathe – “Destroyer” Video

Last month, Brooklyn postpunk mystery-groove duo Telepathe released their new single “Destroyer,” and Trent Reznor enlisted some friends to help him remix it. And now the song has a new video from Youth Hymns TV. It’s the band performing the song in a studio somewhere, and the footage is all purposefully grainy and messed-up, made [...]

Empress Of – “Champagne” Video

Last week, we posted “Don’t Tell Me,” a hazed-out new indie-pop song from Brooklyn resident Lorely Rodriguez, who is just now starting to release music as Empress Of. “Don’t Tell Me” happens to be the B-side of the first-ever Empress Of single, and its A-side, the lilting “Champagne,” now has a video. Director Samuel Morris [...]

[video] Kopecky Family Band: “Heartbeat”

The Kopecky Family Band have a name that’s either going to be too odd for you to remember or so unique that you’ll never forget it. Their song “Heartbeat,” however is sure to stay with you at least through the day. I just finish…

The Killers – “Miss Atomic Bomb” Video

Usually, superstar bands will make for or five videos from an album’s songs before reaching the point where they just slap together a bunch of tour footage and call it a music video. But the Killers have only released one video from their new album Battle Born, and they’ve apparently already reached the tour-footage stage. [...]