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Everything Everything – “Cough Cough” Video

Here’s the visceral new clip for British indie rockers Everything Everything‘s new single “Cough Cough,” a stark visual filled with explosions. Also, toward the end, the band members ingest some oil like they were airliners or something. What’s not to like? Watch it below. Arc is out in January on RCA.

Mount Eerie – “Ocean Roar” Video

Until about six weeks ago, Phil Elvrum hadn’t released a single video during his entire 14-year career, a streak broken with his self-created and -produced “The Place Lives,” from Mount Eerie’s forthcoming Ocean Roar. Now, he’s released another clip, this time for the album’s shoegazy title track, which we first heard a couple weeks back. [...]

David Byrne & St. Vincent – Who

I have trouble believing I’m the only person who wakes up every morning hoping today will be the day some genius with more power than I have announces his decision to recreate the Wizard of Oz with David Byrne spastically dancing his way down the yellow brick road as the Tin Man. Why hasn’t this [...]