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Watch A Mercedes-Benz-Sponsored Short Film About Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek

The Chairlift frontwoman Caroline Polachek has been very busy in the last 12 months: Writing for Beyoncé, singing with Blood Orange and SBTRKT, and releasing her own solo album as Ramona Lisa. She’s also put together a Ramona Lisa live show that involves choreography, headset mics, and very strange facepaint. Someone at Mercedes-Benz ended up [...]

Basement Jaxx – “We Are Not Alone” Video

People don’t really think of the British dance duo Basement Jaxx as a live act, but if you’ve ever seen the group’s live show, with its singers and costumes and general wild-out carnival air, you know it’s something special. The group’s new video for “We Are Not Alone,” a track from their new album Junto, [...]

Remembrance is the Software Recording Co. debut from Baton…

Remembrance is the Software Recording Co. debut from Baton Rouge’s Suicideyear (born James Prudhomme). Written + produced between Florida & Louisiana during the summer + fall of 2013, Remembrance recalls those southern U.S. landscapes & Prudhomme’s experiences across 8 songs equally intimate, intoxicating & mercurial.

Prudhomme wrote Remembrance while reflecting on themes of love & loss against the backdrop of the deep American south he calls home. “Remembrance deals with letting go,” Prudhomme explains. “The name stems from my attempt to accept the loss and difficulty of the past year without dwelling, instead trying to move on.”

The LP drops this Monday 09/22. Watch the new video for title track created by Hunter Esmon.

Team Spirit – “Surrender”

In their consistently fun videos, Team Spirit have gone to hell and back, and in this new one they once again meet the devil. Of course he looks different than the animated Satan from the last video, but then again, they all do. That’s because, for this Alex Russek-directed clip, Team Spirit worked with Andrea [...]