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Juicy J – “Scholarship” (Feat. A$AP Rocky) Video

Last year, Juicy J promised to give away a twerking scholarship, and then he gave a girl a $50,000 scholarship for non-twerking reasons. Today, he’s made a video for “Scholarship,” a song about paying strippers’ tuition money. It’s a theme for him! The song features A$AP Rocky, and it comes from last year’s Stay Trippy [...]

Conor Oberst – “You Are Your Mother’s Child” Video

Thankfully, the whole Conor Oberst rape-accusation debacle has been put to bed — his accuser admitted that she made the whole thing up, and Oberst released a statement accepting her apology — and we can go back to discussing him for what he does best: making music. The last Upside Down Mountain video we got [...]