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Video: ?uestlove’s 60 Minute J Dilla Tribute Set

Spinning at the same venue from the previous post, on the same night I believe, ?uestlove pays tribute to his friend J. Dilla with a 60 minute set of some of the late producers standout tracks.
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Tanlines – Not The Same

What’s better than Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm? How about two Jesse Cohens and two Eric Emms? Three of each? A stage full of Cohens and Emms? If you’re nodding your head with escalating vigor, salivating at the thought of 14 Brooklyn-based electropopelgängers, each dressed in a different sweater/cuffed jeans/flatbrim combo and sporting a different [...]

[video] Vandaveer: “Spite”

Vandaveer just released a new video for his song “Spite” from his 2011 album Dig Down Deep. A few seconds in and it’s not hard to see why: if the Mumford & Sons/Head and the Hear crowd get ahold of this track, it’s going to…