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Yellow Ostrich – Ghost

Alex Schaff and the guys from Yellow Ostrich are back at it again with a video for “Ghost” that tugs at the heartstrings. Director Frank Larson’s adds a gorgeous visual dimension to the track. The piece evokes an extreme sense of loneliness, beginning with Schaff sitting alone staring out a window. But what makes it so hauntingly beautiful is how his [...]

Sorcerer – Cobra Coven (Greeen Linez Remix)

Two of our favorite nu-balearic producers join forces on this magical Greeen Linez remix of Sorcerer’s “Cobra Coven”. Sorcerer is Daniel Saxon Judd, a San Francisco-based guitarist and drum machine maestro who also plays in the excellent bands Windsurf and Shock. The “Cobra Coven” remix merges Judd’s dubby, cosmic vibes with the otherworldly funkiness of [...]