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The Kush God’s Bio

Born grindin, Bobby “KushGod” Messick entered the world on January 18th, 1994. Growing up, he always listened to music, and knew from a young age he wanted to have a career in music somehow or someway. As he grew older and went into middle school his passion played out as he started (or should he say attempted) to produce beats on early versions of FL STUDIO. A year later he gave up on producing, and found himself acquainted with hip hop music and the all so wonderful disc jockeying. At 13 he got his first turntables, from his uncle who used to DJ way back in his day. Remarkably the Kushgod started to work, slowly but surely time passed and his name got bigger and bigger. Junior year in high school he also got involved in pursuing his dreams as a hip hop artist, noting that he could Dj and pursue a career in rap at the same time. Senior year was when things got serious. Lex Luger approached him about being the official DJ for his VA supergroup (VABP) Of course he accepted. The biggest show he has rocked was Sex on The Beach Convention in Miami where the KushGod performed alongside the likes of Meek Mill, Gucci Mane, and Dj Drama. That is where he knew things were on the steady come up. Just before that twitter contacted him about his work, he got verified and has been steady working towards the goal of a major deal. Today he is a artist, dj, CEO, and most importantly a father to a handsome boy (Tucker James Messick). Dj Lil Kushgod icon smile Kushgod GadsenRecords


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Dj KushGod – NEW YEARS FREEMIX (2013)

KING KU$HGOD – Let em Kno