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Chance The Rapper Explains Illness, May Need Surgery

Last weekend we learned that hip-hop phenom Chance The Rapper had been hospitalized after falling ill and thus was unable to repeat his triumphant set from Coachella’s first weekend during the festival’s second iteration. Last night Chance’s Twitter posted a letter from his manager detailing the circumstances of the illness and the prognosis. In short, [...]

Watch Some Teasers For Best Coast’s Newly Completed Third Album

Last year Best Coast released Fade Away, which at seven tracks was something like the group’s third album but was dubbed a “mini-album.” In an interview around that time, Bethany Cosentino said she was hoping to have Best Coast’s real third album out by the spring. It’s springtime now, and the album isn’t out yet, [...]

Pixies Soundtrack Apple’s “Gigantic” iPhone Commercial

If the 2014-edition Pixies are in full cash-in mode, which seems like a definite possibility, then it is absolutely no surprise to see them licensing their songs to gigantic corporations. But Apple’s new iPhone commercial, which uses “Gigantic” to highlight the phone’s musical capabilities, is extremely artful as far as these things go. Please no [...]

tUnE-yArDs – “Water Fountain” Video

The playground-stomping “Water Fountain” gets an appropriately child-friendly video, with Merrill Garbus acting as our kooky schoolteacher in a zany after-school special. There’s an overabundance of ideas in the video, from a potato-wielding scientists to a trippy 8-bit interlude. It’s confusing and schizophrenic and proudly operates in a world where everyone is a caricature and [...]