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And Then They Were O

I went to check out the Black Cobra Vipers Thursday night and when I noticed they weren’t on the marquee, I began to panic.  Did I get the dates wrong?  Had the show been canceled, due to calamity, or ineptitude at some level? As it turned out, the Black Cobra Viper is extinct.  Two days Read More

Cut Hands details “Festival Of The Dead” LP for Blackest Ever Black

*Festival Of The Dead* is the new full-length studio album from *William Bennett*’s *Cut Hands*, due to be released by Blackest Ever Black on 2xLP, CD and digital formats on October 13th, 2014.

This is *Cut Hands*’ third album to date: the acclaimed *Afro Noise I* introduced the project in 2011,…

LISTEN | Vandettes – ‘Let It All Go’

Originally from Northern Ireland, the band moved over to Liverpool as a group of best friends who were studying music at the city’s university. With an obvious shared passion for music, they decided to form a band dedicated to making music that they describe as “a combination of Hip-Hop break …

In At The Deep End Records sign Cavorts

Emerging in early 2012,* Cavorts* are a four piece rock and roll band from the northern frontier town of Barnsley, a place where the coal is black and the riffs even blacker. Playing their first gig supporting *Skindred* to a sold out Leeds O2, *Cavorts* soon got noticed by distinguished…