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Band Sings Song Asking Why They Aren’t Playing Moogfest

What if you wanted to play Moogfest really bad, but Moogfest didn’t call? No, I mean really bad – like you started a band with this very dream in mind, outfitted your studio with nearly everything Moog makes, and put on a shameless amount of Moog-logo gear, just in the hopes of getting the booking. … Continue →

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Bossiie – “Tip”

There are many aspiring artists today attempting the charismatic, attitude-heavy hip-hop/R&B of Nicki Minaj and – before her - Missy Elliott, but usually they fall flat by over-valuing their own vocal personalities, which often fails to compare to the stars and their production teams. However, in the case of London-based hip-hop/trap artist Bossiie, she actually knows what she’s doing, […]

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DJ Sprinkles Midtown 120 Blues Reissue Details

DJ Sprinkles, aka Terre Thaemlitz, had been DJing since the ’90s, but waited until late 2008 to finally release her first official album. That album, Midtown 120 Blues, wasn’t really noticed until 2009, but by the end of that year, it had left a massive impact on those who had heard it. In less than [...]