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Acura’s Got A Commercial With Julian Casablancas Music, Too

A song from the Strokes recently showed up in a commercial for the Volkswagen Golf, and it looks like another car company has snagged the honor of a Julian Casablancas-performed song to soundtrack their ad. Acura’s new holiday commercial uses Casablancas’ cover of “I Wish It Was Christmas Today,” the Saturday Night Live recurring classic [...]

SOAK – “B A NoBody (Woman’s Hour Remix)”

A few months ago, Irish singer-songwriter SOAK put out the gorgeous, lush, and overlooked track “B a noBody.” That song has now gotten a remix courtesy of Woman’s Hour, who change the strained guitar licks of the original into a gently throbbing synth that carries throughout the song. They turn the languishing song into something [...]

Brandon Thomas – Good Things Take Time Vol. 1 (EP)

Producer Brandon Thomas has crafted several bangers for rising talents like OG Maco and Key!, including Maco’s breakout hit “U Guessed It” as well as a bunch of cuts that appear on his new EP which dropped a couple of hours ago. Yesterday he dropped Good Things Take Time Vol. 1, a new 5 track […]

Here Are Your Best Black Friday Deals on Music Tools

Sure, Black Friday may conjure unpleasant images of hordes rushing a Wal-Mart. But with so much of music gear now online in software form, it is a chance to load up with some new music tools for the winter (or, erm, southern hemisphere, the summer), save some money, and make more music. And that’s a … Continue →

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Video: Da Mafia 6ix – Hear Sum Evil

Here’s a pretty graphic new video for the title track off the new Mafia 6ix mixtape, which you can grab here. Probably NSFW due to gore. Previously: Da Mafia 6ix ft. DJ Zirk – Lock’m N Da Trunk (Video)