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The Black Market: The Month In Metal – October 2014

If you go to the Facebook page of the old-school German thrash metal band Kreator, you’ll see updates posted from every city the band has visited on their current North American tour: Baltimore; Worcester; Montreal … And if you read the comments associated with those updates, you’ll see a whole lot of keyed-up fans sharing [...]

LISTEN | Bebe Panthere – ‘What Do I Have To Do’

*’What Do I Have to Do’* is a pop gem with a vibey tropical marimba and a funky bass line. It goes from being punchy, high-tension-sexy in the verse, to soaring ethereal chorus. *’What Do I Have To Do’ *is the most recent single from *Bebe Panthere…

Video: Wiz Khalifa – DayToday: Blacc Up in this Bitch

After wrapping up the UTIOM Tour, Wiz drops a quick Halloween themed DayToday in support of his new Blacc Hollywood Big Secret Tour. Curren$y makes a light cameo at the end. Previously: Cam’ron ft. Wiz Khalifa & Smoke DZA – Touch The Sky

Lazurus Returns: Boosie’s Life After Death Row Mixtape

Ain’t no love like Boosie love. Ain’t no hate like Boosie hate. What makes him special is that he only inhabits the extremes. It’s too early to accurately assess where Life After Death Row fits in the Boosieography, but for the moment, let’s just all sit in wonder and appreciation that this exists at all. […]