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Earlier this month, DJ Harvey kicked off The Red Bull Music…

Earlier this month, DJ Harvey kicked off The Red Bull Music Academy’s This City Belongs to Me, a 4-part show series celebrating + exploring Los Angeles’ infectious influence on music makers. Following DJ Harvey’s sweaty & frenetic set, the program continues on July 26th with its second installment: a performance from 2010 Red Bull Music Academy Graduate & Los Angeles native, TOKiMONSTA.

Later this year, Friends of Friends & Rhonda International will host their own unique events across LA. Each event will be held at a secret location, only to be unveiled to those who RSVP at redbull.com/thiscityla. Doors open at 10pm & all attendees must be 21+.

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Radiohead never EVER gets old. That’s why LA based…

Radiohead never EVER gets old. That’s why LA based producer Stint re-constructed “Nude”, the 2nd single from Radiohead’s 7th studio album In Rainbows (2007).

As Stint puts it: “Shit Man. Nude By Radiohead… What can you say?

It’s a very solitary track and a bit tragic. I wanted to mix to feel intimate. Almost every synth and drum is a manipulation of my voice and what I could find in the room on the day I made it. If all the elements sound real and exposed, I think it represents the lyrics… At least partly.”

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Azealia Banks Says She’s Free From Her Label, Wants To Join Interpol

New York rapper Azealia Banks has been on a reign of Twitter terror for years now, but if you’ve only been checking in during the (frequent) occasions in which she’s been blasting fellow musicians, you may have missed the many time she begged her label, Interscope, to drop her. Banks’s viral hit “212″ is more [...]

A Jam Packed Thursday with DFA 1979, Interpol, Goat, and History of Apple Pie

Typically, July is a down month for those of us interested in new jams. With few new releases on the calendar, music websites will post just about anything to meet their daily output. Thank the maker for Death From Above 1979. There’s no need to feign interest with their comeback rocker, “Trainwreck 1979.” It’s slick […]