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NehruvianDOOM – “Caskets”

The teenage Brooklyn rapper Bishop Nehru has teamed up with the masked underground rap eminence DOOM to form a duo called NehruvianDOOM, and their self-titled album is coming out later this year. We’ve already heard two of the LP’s tracks, “Darkness (HBU)” and “Om,” but we haven’t heard one thing from the LP yet, and [...]

Check Out Haim’s New Alana-Shaped 7″

Haim have allegedly started work on their follow-up to last year’s highly rated debut album Days Are Gone, which — and this seems crazy to me — isn’t even a year old yet. So although the album already feels like an old, weathered classic, it isn’t that crazy that Haim are still releasing singles off [...]

MMVIII EP,is the 1st official release from Vancouver-based…

MMVIII EP,is the 1st official release from Vancouver-based producer Brock McColm aka ROOK MILO’s. The project is a collaborative effort with his close friend Shun Kinoshita + his brand MMVIII. Head over to MMVIII to view the full sleeve + aesthetics of the entire project. Click here to download the EP for free.

“A long time coming, I’m glad I can finally share these tracks with you – including some overdue downloads.” – ROOK MILO

Cold ✖ free download

Bodyroll ✖ free download

Porches. – “Prism”

Porces. is Aaron Maine, a New York resident who makes spindly, idiosyncratic homemade pop music and who’s been putting out a steady stream of smaller releases for a minute now. He’s now linked up with Terrible Records, the label that Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor co-founded, to release two new songs on a 7″ single. The [...]