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Wanna Hear Minnie Driver Cover Elliott Smith’s “Waltz #2″?

When she’s not busy acting, Minnie Driver apparently also makes music. She’s releasing a new album called Ask Me To Dance soon featuring covers of songs from artists like the Cure, Neil Young, Paul Weller, and Stevie Wonder. Also included is a cover of Elliot Smith’s “Waltz #2,” who she met when he wrote music [...]

Watch First Aid Kit Cover Jack White’s “Love Interruption”

The Australian radio network Triple J has a video series called Like A Version, on which artists come on and cover other artists’ songs, and it’s usually a lot of fun. Case in point: The rootsy Swedish sister act First Aid Kit recently appeared, and they took on Jack White’s solo single “Love Interruption,” an [...]

Midular are the Free MIDI Modules Every Ableton Live Setup Needs

Forget fancy effects or sophisticated plug-ins – day-in, day-out, it’s those simple MIDI modules you wind up using again and again and again and again. It’s like having a bucket of paperclips on your desk. It doesn’t have to be exciting. It’s the simple stuff that gets used. So, one of my favorite demos from … Continue →

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Review: Definitely A First – Colorblind [Album]

Why do tribute bands exist? We don’t ask to be mean, but it must be a pretty surreal experience being in a band that is dedicated entirely to playing someone else’s music, performing as a character rather than expressing your own emotions. It’s kind of like an omission that you have no ambition of…