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white whale Makes your monome Into an Amazing Modular Step Sequencer

It seems everyone is getting in on modular gear these days, thanks to the Eurorack format. But many of these modules are variations on a theme – new models of old classic modules, existing synthesis components and filters that have just been reborn as a module. monome white whale, shipping this month, is something different. … Continue →

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Trinidad James – Mr. Officer

Trinidad James delivers a new Key Wane produced track “Mr. Officer” off his mixtape dropping September 23rd. Previously: Trinidad James – Hollywood

Vuurwerk (Flemish for Fireworks) are 3 Belgian…

Vuurwerk (Flemish for Fireworks) are 3 Belgian musicians/producers based in Brussels & part of the city’s music/film/art/design/party throwing collective Run Tell Secrecy. Having previously released an album under the name Jealov for US indie Mush, home to the likes of cLOUDEAD & Boom Bip, the trio have recently focussed on their alternative Vuurwerk identity.

In 2013, as Vuurwerk, they released the ME + ONE maxi EP on Dandelion Lotus, a record that saw them pick up a ‘breakthrough artist’ award at last year’s Red Bull Elektropedia Awards & earlier this year remixed fellow Belgians School Is Cool to heavy effect.

The band are currently working on the new Vuurwerk album, due for release in 2015 & the remix below of Bon Iver’s “Minnesota, WI” was recorded during a break in the new album sessions.

Minnesota WI (Vuurwerk remix) ✞ free download