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Gossip Culture – The Actress (Jensen Sportag Remix)

Gossip Culture “Actress” gets a Jensen Sportag remix, Jazzy and Latin and funky and fresh. Ryan Sheridan weaves a familiar Hollywood tale as a kinetic beat shifts and twists, vocals slipping in and out, extravagant orchestral breaks.Old school and brand new all in one. Easier said than done. Check it for yourself. Premiere!! Binary Approves […]

How To Dress Well – “Let U Know”

How To Dress Well just released the devastating “What Is This Heart?”, one of the year’s best. But according to Tom Krell, one of the songs that didn’t make it onto the album is, in some ways, the key to the album. That song is the fragile piano ballad “Let U Know,” a “partial cover” [...]

Newly Discovered Second LP From Mystery ’80s Artist Lewis Being Released

The story behind the reissue of Lewis’ 1983 album L’Amour adds to its mysterious appeal: A record collector discovers a beautiful and strange album from an enigmatic Canadian performer and no one has heard it before and no one can shed much light on who Lewis was (or is). L’Amour should have been a one-off, [...]