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Tinariwen :: Chaghaybou (New Video)

Tinariwen’s music speaks for Kel Tamashek, the Tuaregs, and their desert home, the “tenere.” Formed in 1979, the group’s latest LP (Emmaar) is a continuation of Tinariwen’s rhythmic, and at times incredibly psychedelic, Saharan desert blues. Unlike previous output, the new album was recorded in the U.S., specifically Joshua Tree, California — the dusty cradle […]

Scarface: No Problems

The key to remaining a scathing and powerful gangsta rapper at 44 years old is remaining indignant, using being bi-polar as a boast, and having a voice like a Sumerian Thunder God. Also, being Scarface. Brad Jordan was on Combat Jack recently strumming the guitar to the tune of Pink Floyd because he is the… Continue reading »

Hit-Boy & HS87 – Grindin My Whole Life

Hit-Boy and his HS87 release their new single “Grindin My Whole Life”, which serves as the first offering from the compilation project We The Plug dropping May 6th. Previously: Hit-Boy ft. Nipsey Hussle – Alert (Video)

Junior Jack – Thrill Me (Gigamesh Remix)

It twinkles, bounces and shines. The club is dark aside from the lighting that moves and shifts, beautiful people, genuine dancing, this is no bottle service bullshit, this place is alive. Across the room you see her/him. She/he sees you…a smile spreads across your face, all is well in this instant. All is well. A […]