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Feist Wins Polaris Music Prize

Front page photo by Erez Avissar Feist has won the 2012 Polaris Music Prize, which honors the best album of the year by a Canadian artist, for her album Metals. It’s her first win, though she was nominated in 2007 for The Reminder. Metals won o…

Full EP: Girls Casino – Please Be Back Soon

The utter lack of information surrounding Girls Casino adds to the mystique of their music, a vein of nocturnal electro-pop that mixes dreamy intoxication with hard-thumping club choruses. Their full album is available to stream inside, and is especially recommended for fans of atmospheric electronic acts like Chromatics and jj.

Listen: Wiz Khalifa Featuring the Weeknd: "Remember You"

Back in April, it was reported that the Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye collaborated with Wiz Khalifa. (Khalifa referred to Tesfaye as a “trippy dude.”) That collaboration has surfaced in the form of “Remember You”, which features a prominent voc…