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Clover :: Mr. Moon

Speaking of the Band, here’s one from an old mix I put together entitled Band Not Band. In short, the homemade compilation consisted of tunes from stylistically simpatico artists — most of whom were contemporaries of the Band (e.g. Goose Cr…

[stream] Plaid Dragon: “Dog Physics”

I was listening to Little Scream yesterday and remembering how great her record is. Today I stumbled across Plaid Dragon and can see a lot of similarities between the two. They both have great lyrics that seem both heartfelt and indecipherable, as well…

I Won’t Give You What You Want

Waxahatchee “Grass Stain” This song reminds me a lot of Robert Pollard, and I think you will probably play this and think “oh, because it’s lo-fi,” but no, that’s not really it. Pollard has a few different song types he goes back to over and over, and one of those is “brief acoustic ballad about [...]