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The Heavy release new album, The Glorious Dead

Renegade English soul-rockers *The Heavy* are pleased to announce the release of their new full-length album, *The Glorious Dead*. *The Glorious Dead* is the band’s third LP and the follow-up to their acclaimed sophomore record *The House That Dirt Built *(2009). Self-produced and with their…

Menomena releases new track ‘Capsule’

Barsuk Records is excited to debut *Menomen*a’s ‘*Capsule*’, the second track to be released off the band’s upcoming album *Moms*. Pre-orders for *Moms*, out September 18th, are currently available and are coupled with an exclusive shirt design by Menomena’s Danny Seim. Beginning in September, the…

Anberlin reveal first single ‘Someone Anyone’ from new album Vital

After revealing a song from new album *Vital*, *Anberlin* have released their first official single from the album, titled *’Someone Anyone’*. The track is streaming on their website and on Soundcloud. You can hear it hear:


The Florida rockers…