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Canailles :: Bien-être

Montreal’s Canailles first got together in the summer of 2010, working out traditional québécois and Cajun songs among the green shadows of Parc LaFontaine. Two years later, they’re one of the city’s greatest francophone groups, and one of the …

MP3: Vuvuzela – “Rings and Things”

For those familiar with New York rockers Kiss Kiss, frontman Josh Benash has his fingerprints all over the work of Vuvuzela. Fans accustomed to Kiss Kiss’ high-energy rock ballads, which often interchanged swift metal-inspired guitar riffs with electric violin intensity, should regard Vuvuzela as a natural progression. Their tunes are even more theatrical and polished, made better by Stephanie Babirak’s operatic vocals and unique harp playing.

Review: Grönemeyer – Mensch [Single]

Taking hiatus after the tragic circumstances of *Herbert Grönemeyer*’s wife and brother passing away from Cancer in the same week, *Grönemeyer *has returned from the depths of trauma to release his new/reworked single ‘*Mensch*.’

‘*Mensch*’ was originally released many moons ago (2002), and topped…

this mountain – future ghost

One of our readers commented on our Delta Spirit session that I should check these guys out. Obviously blessed with great taste since he frequents HearYa, I checked them out and was immediately smitten. A couple of hours of later, I was cranking up this mountain up on the stereo with a big grin on [...]