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Watch Jay-Z’s Video For Obama

Barack Obama and Jay-Z pretty much have each others’ backs, so it’s probably no surprise that Jay-Z filmed B.O. a campaign ad. You can watch it below. Just saying: presidential campaign TV ad spending is set to exceed $1 billion for the 2012 race. Just saying.

Alba Lua – “When I’m Roaming Free”

Alba Lua is a French trio who have shown a serious early grasp of a very American sort of soft, distant, pensive guitar twinkle. Their new single “When I’m Roaming Free” positively radiates warmth, and you can hear it below. (via Pitchfork) The song will appear on a forthcoming 7″ on Primeros Pasitos.

Low Cut Connie release new video for ‘Boozophilia"

*Low Cut Connie’s* acclaimed album, *Call Me Sylvia*, has been getting rave review from all the smartest and sexiest critics, from Rolling Stone to the New York Times to NPR. *Jack White *personally selected the band…