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Video: 2 Chainz vs. Pusha T in Madden 13

2 Chainz and Pusha exchange trash talk as they square off in a game of Madden 13 which is finally available for purchase today. This latest version features an improved graphics engine and overall playability so now when you bust your boy’s ass you get to do it in super high def. Grab your copy [...]

Watch Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era Freestyle at a BBQ

Pitchfork.tv on YouTube today presents a new episode of “Selector”, in which rappers choose between two beats for a freestyle backing track. This installment features Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew, who trade off rhymes at a rooftop barbecue. …

Fat Joe: Still Rapping, Still Calling in Favors

Hype Williams isn’t even trying anymore. But that’s fine, because nobody involved with Fat Joe‘s new video for “Pride N’ Joy” seems to be trying. Joey receives the Hype treatment of getting nothing but his torso on camera in front a multi-colored screen; Miguel and Roscoe Dash receive just enough screen-time to help you realize… Continue reading »

Sucioperro announce new album ‘Fused’ and UK tour dates

Scottish trio *Sucioperro *snapped into existence in 2002, and proceeded to tour with any and everyone including *Biffy Clyro, Oceansize, Reuben, Hell Is For Heroes*, and many more. Since then, the blistering, dynamic rock trio have put most UK bands to shame, with three albums and a string of…