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Brodinki’s Bromance project is back with EP #3….

Brodinki’s Bromance project is back with EP #3.

“Now U Realize” is the 1st track of Club Cheval as a group, a trancy – yet transcendental – combination of the influences + talents of its members, Sam Tiba, Canblaster, Panteros666 & Myd. Clu…

Purity Ring – Fineshrine

At the rate Purity Ring has been dropping incredible singles off their upcoming debut album, Shrines, it’s hard to imagine what they’ve got left for its release on July 24th. Nevertheless, their consistency and depth continue to amaze me. Yesterday the band gave us another sneak peek with “Fineshrine,” the third single released off Shrines in [...]

Progress Report: Liz Phair

Name: Liz Phair Progress Report: Phair chats about People Like Us, her sometimes confusing career, and what she wants to do next. While in Los Angeles this week I had the chance to do a quick sit down interview with Liz Phair. Even though I was on vacation, I jumped at the chance because A) [...]