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The Rockometer: Silver Age by Bob Mould

Bob Mould Silver Age Merge Records Inspired by the recording sessions which produced both the 1992 album Copper Blue and the 1993 EP, Beaster for his post-Husker Du band, Sugar, Bob Mould’s Silver Age is an aggressive, no-frills guitar pop album quite unlike anything the indie-rock lifer has produced in years. Sure, it’s the proverbial [...]

Review: TOY – TOY [Album]

When I first listened to *TOY*, I did not know that three of their members were formerly part of an indie outfit, whose sound was frequently compared to *Razorlight *and whose debut album (recorded and ready to go) never saw the light of day due to creativity struggles between the band members and…

Danny Brown – Change (Prod. by Johnson & Jonson)

Danny Brown is teaming up with production duo Blu and Mainframe for a new album titled Danny Johnson. Here is the first offering from the project dropping soon via New World Color.

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Stream Jonny Greenwood’s The Master Soundtrack

As far as current supergenius director-composer teams go, the Paul Thomas Anderson/Jonny Greenwood tandem is probably at the top of the list, topping even David Fincher and Trent Reznor. Greenwood and PTA teamed up for one of the last decade’s legit classic films (There Will Be Blood), and I’m willing to bet Anderson’s new film, [...]