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Josh Clancy Leaves Elite Gymnastics

Elite Gymnastics: So Close to Paradise

According to their Twitter, Josh Clancy has left the K-pop loving Minnesota duo Elite Gymnastics. It will continue on as a solo project from James Brooks. While he did contribute musically to releases…

Nude Beach – “Walkin’ Down My Street” Video

The Brooklyn-based band Nude Beach have their roots in their home borough’s scuzzy DIY scene, but there’s virtually no noise or abrasion to what they do. Instead, they play a fun and beery strain of punk, one that has plenty of classic-rock radio in it. And so it makes sense that their video for “Walkin’ [...]

Nardwuar Interviews 2 Chainz

Since Based On A T.R.U. story is out today, it’s 2 Chainz’ week to shine. So, as usual, Nardwuar is on the case and delivers another revealing interview with the artist formerly known as Tity Boi. The music of satirist/songwriter Tom Lehrer is discussed at length, which I didn’t exactly see coming. Watch it below. [...]