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The Wytches Burn Out the Bruise

Max Bell pulled Stevie Nicks from the set of “American Horror Story” In 2014, garage rock of any denomination is a lot like ‘90s inflected hip-hop of the boom-bap variety. There are far too many reverential, indistinguishable practitioners. For every Alchemist behind the boards, there are hordes of crate-digging Pete Rock disciples locked in the… Continue reading »

Black Milk – Detroit’s New Dance Show

With his latest release, Black Milk pays tribute to The New Dance Show, which aired in Detroit back in the 80s. He draws inspiration from “EDM” pioneers Kraftwerk and Juan Atkins, the father of Techno. Previously: Black Milk – What It’s Worth

Air Release Vinyl-Only Museum Soundtrack

The music made by the long-running French duo Air always sounded like it was meant to soundtrack something — and often, it was soundtracking something. Now the duo has composed a series of ambient recordings inspired by artwork in the Palais De Beaux Arts De Lille. Music For Museum (in a nice reference to Eno’s [...]