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Andrew Bird to Release Companion Piece to Break It Yourself

Photo by Cameron Wittig Anyone who really loves Andrew Bird’s latest album Break It Yourself is in for a treat: The indie-folk whistler extraordinaire will release a companion piece for the record called Hands of Glory. Out October 30 on Mom + Pop M…


Comment on The Reality of the New Music Business by fireandair

emmelle, this is one of the biggest pluses to NOT quitting one's day job, to being an artist as a sideline for one's own enjoyment and possibly a bit of extra money. It's my chosen path. I have a good-paying job that has nothing to do with music, and I also make music. Anyone looking to cash in on my desperation by offering me the "opportunity" to give them my music for nothing will get a rude awakening. In my daytime office incarnation, agreements like that involve invoices and contracts, and if they instead choose to take advantage of someone else, they are more than welcome to do so. My bills will get paid regardless.

There is a LOT TO BE SAID for keeping one's day job nowdays as an artist or musician. It takes a lot of work to balance one's free time like a wirewalker, but it's far, far better than being forced to <i>agree to</i> getting bent over a barrel. Fugeddit.


Comment on The Reality of the New Music Business by fireandair

Yes, I'm am "artist." Meaning a musician who plays and writes my own stuff. And I will indeed make my art whether I get money from it or not. I have a day career — not job, mind you — that more than pays my bills. Frankly, I'm making more money than <i>any</i> musician I know.

So I make my art, and I pay my bills … and … what possible reason do I have for sharing it with someone who doesn't want to pay? I mean, my muse compels me to write and play, but it doesn't compel me to give it away for nothing, does it? I write and play for my own enjoyment because yes, I will indeed do it regardless. But I don't have to share it around with <i>anyone</i>, much less entitled assholes who think they have a right to it because … you're gonna do it aannnnnywaaaay! SO GIMME GIMME!

Piss off. Go take ten years out of YOUR life to learn to play an instrument, and then go make your own music.

Old school musicians and composers back in the day used to have salons, get-togethers in people's living rooms where they played for one another. We will probably come back around to that now — and somehow I doubt that Mr. Gimme-Gimme up there will be invited. Go hop up and down to your computerized programed electro-techno-pop garbage and pretend you're listening to music when what you're listening to is about as close to actual music as Velveeta is to cheese.


Montag – “True Love” (Feat. James Bay) Video

The latest entry in Montreal producer Montag’s monthly singles series Phases is “True Love,” a sinister Italo romp in which he sings over a synth-throb from fellow producer James Bay. The track’s new video starts out with horror-movie imagery: Worms made to look gigantic, billowing dry-ice clouds, dark looming woods. Then an intense-looking group of [...]

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