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Frank N Beats Mix: 002

Aaron Frank woke up early on his bornday This month’s mix is mostly instrumental, but it’s difficult to ignore the vast crop of talented producers coming out of the UK at the moment. In waiting a couple extra days to put this mix together, I was able to score new tracks from two of my… Continue reading »

Video: Deniro Farrar – Cult Rap: Notice (Pt. 3)

In part 3 of his 4 part Cult Rap vlog series with Noisey, Deniro Farrar explains the philosophy behind the movement and how he personally practices what he preaches. Previously: Deniro Farrar – Cult Rap: The Calling (Pt. 2)

St. Vincent Playing SNL Season Finale With Host Andy Samberg

Spring has finally sprung, which means what remains of the traditional network TV season is winding down, and with it the 39th season of Saturday Night Live. As such, the show announced its hosts and musical guests for the final three episodes of the season on Tumblr today. On 5/3 Andrew Garfield aka The Amazing [...]