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Premature Evaluation: Spoon They Want My Soul

There’s a moment on Spoon’s new song “Outlier” where Britt Daniel sneaks a sharp splinter of film criticism into one of the tough, terse, personal songs that Spoon is so known for: “I remember when you walked out of Garden State / You had taste, you had taste / You had no time to waste.” [...]

Music Blues – “The Great Depression” Video

Music Blues is the solo project of Stephen Tanner, bassist for sludge metal stalwarts Harvey Milk. His debut album, Things Haven’t Gone Well — written after the death of a longtime friend, drummer Jerry Fuchs — is coming next month. We’ve already heard first single “91771,” and “The Great Depression” is another slab of ominous [...]

Doggonit, People Like Him: Jim E-Stack “Tell Me I Belong”

Torii MacAdams insists on trial by combat The rapid ascendance of electronic music, from the sound of subcultures to arena-cramming, Billboard-busting tour de fucking force, is remarkable. Dance music in the United States has become as pluralistic as our barely functioning country, running the gamut from analog, jackin’ house to the stupidly labeled “EDM,” the… Continue reading »