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Florida duo X priest X released their debut EP, Samurai ,…

Florida duo X priest X released their debut EP, Samurai , earlier this week via Swedish label Emotion.

Madeline Priest (one half of X priest X) spent her formative years studying ballet & grew to find a passion for musical theater creating the foundation for her talent as a standout vocalist. Pairing with producer (& other half of the project) Dave Kazyk in early 2013, demos “Samurai” + “Dark Sun” were penned & subsequently released in the latter half of 2013. With little expectations, the songs took a life of their own & found themselves scooped up by tastemakers around the globe.

Gliding subtly between 80s lo-fi synth pop & sharply syncopated rhythms, X priest X create a distinct brand of modern pop that is just as intriguing as it is undeniable. A definite project to watch in 2014. Get involved.

Festival Fever: MS MR

The latest artist to stars in Diffuser.fm’s Festival Fever series are none other than MS MR. The alt-pop duo have come a long way since posting their songs online over two years ago and will be making an appearance on the Coachella main stage this weekend. Hit the jump to watch an interview with Max […]