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Listen: The New Division – Night Escape EP

Spearheaded by John Kunkel (vocals/producer) and amplified by Michael Janz (sequencing/synths) Mark Michalski ( synths) and Brock Woolsey ( guitar), *The New Division* are an LA based tour de force. While their influences can be traced back to the likes of * Joy Division, New Order* and *Depeche…

Lee Foss on Boiler Room and Essential Mix

Lee Foss may not be a “household name,” but he sure seems like it. Two weeks ago we caught his session on the Boiler Room (which if you’re not familiar with them–we suggest you take a gander); and, just last week he performed on the famed BBC 1 Essential Mix. The deep house DJ is co-founder of the [...]

Watch: Beach House’s Intense, Dramatic "Wild" Video

Beach House have shared the video for the Bloom track “Wild” via Pitchfork.tv on YouTube. The clip, directed by Johan Renck, follows a series of intense moments– some violent, some sexual, and some deeply sad. Watch it below, followed by the ban…

Video: Inside DJ Toomp’s Vinyl Collection

On the latest edition of FUSE’s “Crate Diggers”, DJ Toomp speaks on working with Jay-Z on “Say Hello”, T.I. on “What You Know”, his family’s music history, how he started in music, the most he ever spent on a record and more. And of course he gives us a look at his extensive vinyl collection [...]