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Frank N Beats Mix: 002

Aaron Frank woke up early on his bornday This month’s mix is mostly instrumental, but it’s difficult to ignore the vast crop of talented producers coming out of the UK at the moment. In waiting a couple extra days to put this mix together, I was able to score new tracks from two of my… Continue reading »

St. Vincent Playing SNL Season Finale With Host Andy Samberg

Spring has finally sprung, which means what remains of the traditional network TV season is winding down, and with it the 39th season of Saturday Night Live. As such, the show announced its hosts and musical guests for the final three episodes of the season on Tumblr today. On 5/3 Andrew Garfield aka The Amazing [...]

You Are Number Six – “The Gingerbread Man”

Théo Lefebvre is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter/producer from France who exudes Damon Albarn vibes on “The Gingerbread Man”, a stellar track he released as a Christmas treat a few months back. The weather is warming and it’s spring time, but “The Gingerbread Man” still sounds great nonetheless. Several components of the instrumental arsenal – such as the swanky […]

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Berkeley-based musician Dan Casey’s (a.k.a. Yalls) debut album, United, is a 44 minute escape from reality, filled with groove-holmes beats and synths straight from outer space. The warbly synths of “Warlords” (below) is just what I…

Isaac Tichauer – Questions

Isaac Tichauer takes us on a journey with this one. Thoughtful and driven. This is the part of the movie where all the pieces start coming together and some crucial mystery begins to unravel, revealing an answer so obvious it was hidden in plain sight, suddenly it all makes sense. But is it too late? […]