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Review: Halo 4 Official Soundtrack [Album]

Video games have become a part of life for many of us, taking their place alongside cinema and music as an art form you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. But video game soundtracks have, for the most part, remained in the background to the action onscreen. For years a video games’ music was…

Skittish releases The Five Stages EP

I like writing. Rarely do I think posts are better presented with what I’m given from the artist. Except with Skittish.

I’ll make it quick: Band, Skittish, about to be signed by Yep Roc. Love triangle, suicide attempt, label scared off, members disperse leaving me alone to make “The Five Stages EP.”


Premiere: Ride The Universe – A Little Better (Frankmusik Remix)

Cross-continental production group Ride The Universe is one half Leisure Council and the other Digitalfoxglove, two groups already successful in their own rights. Nevertheless, both sides, as Power Rangers to a Megazord, have combined their powers to create a brand new form of galactic, summertime funk. Ride The Universe’s latest tune is “A Little Better,” [...]

M83 – “Steve McQueen” Video

Sadly, M83′s video for the great Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming! burner “Steve McQueen” does not feature the return of the glowy-eyed mutant children from the “Midnight City” and “Reunion” videos. But the clip does stay in keeping with the superpowered-kids theme. In this one, a tuxedoed young boy magically levitates a host of toy animals [...]