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The 3 Round Roundup #3

This week has been an absolutely huge week for battle rap, with some monster battles dropping from across the pond. In the 3rd installment of *The 3 Round Roundup*, we have the first battle to be uploaded from *Smack/URL’s Summer Madness 2* event, a hilarious battle from *King Of The Dot*’s…

Captain Murphy “The Killing Joke” (produced by Flying Lotus)

The unidentified hip hop villain Captain Murphy strikes again with the release of his newest single “The Killing Joke” from his upcoming debut, DU∆LITY. Laced with excerpts from The Dark Knight and a haunting sample from Os Mutantes’ “Ave Lucifer,” the Flying Lotus-produced track gives way for Murphy’s signature sinister boasts and ego-maniacal raps. While many scramble to match a face to the voice, Murphy [...]