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Arc in Round’s debut album out Monday 8th October

*Arc in Round*’s self-titled debut LP reflects a sensibility garnered from endless hours of studio tracking and hypnotic experimentation. The album is a re-invention of influence, ranging from melodic gems (think *Stereolab* meets *Broadcast*) to epic prog jams, tied securely yet ever so loosely…

MellowHype – “Grill”

MellowHype, the Odd Future rap duo of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, will release their new album Numbers next week, and they’ve been releasing a steady stream of tracks online for months. And now here’s another one: The queasy, lurching “Grill,” on which the group pulls the delightfully old-school move of spelling out their own [...]

Wild Swim Announce Debut EP ‘Echo’

Tempered by heartache and defiance comes the debut single from Oxford’s *Wild Swim*. Swarming with expansive guitars, haunting vocals and delicate keys, ‘*Echo*’ touches on anguish and mythology.