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Doc Zeus: Who’s Afraid Of Riff Raff?

Doc Zeus drinks super fruit smoothies out of Gucci blenders “Is this guy fucking serious?” Nearly every piece of substantial music journalism conducted around Riff Raff over the last few years seems to center around the earnestness of the Houston rapper’s basic existence. The slack-jawed perplexity surrounding Riff Raff’s rap career, from both journalists and… Continue reading »

modulus.002 Polysynth: Premium, Analog Meets Modern Synth in Video

Sonicstate has a First Look at the new Modulus 002 from Andy McCreeth on Vimeo. It’s been a while since Britain produced a polysynth. So perhaps it’s fitting that SonicState gets up close with the modulus.002, in a lavish, nearly half-hour tour of the instrument, as this luxury instrument goes head to head in a … Continue →

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Bat For Lashes – “Skin Song”

It’s hard to say who even thinks up ideas like this, but the forthcoming compilation Body Of Songs will collect examples of different artists singing about different parts of the body. The concept has something to do with medical science, but “Skin Song,” the contribution from Bat For Lashes, doesn’t exactly give off the impression [...]